Working Papers

Are “Complementary Policies” Substitutes? Evidence from R&D Subsidies in the UK [submitted]

Environmental Regulation and Productivity Are Not Always at Odds: Evidence from Firms in China (with Yangsiyu Lu)

Disentangling Inattention to Prices from Uncertainty in a Digital World (with Eoghan McKenna) [new draft coming soon]

Select Earlier-Stage Research

Innovation for Social Progress: When Imperfect Appropriability Meets Incorrect Prices (with Sugandha Srivastav)

Improving Infrastructure Service Quality with Smart Technology: Evidence from Electricity Grid Investments in Texas (with Robyn Meeks and Zhenxuan Wang)

Steering the Direction of Inventors with Supply vs. Demand Policies (with Eugenie Dugoua, Todd Gerarden, and Kyle Myers)

How Management Practices Matter for Driving Innovation for Social Progress