Working Papers

Are Complementary Policies Substitutes? Evidence from R&D Subsidies in the UK (Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy)

Environmental Regulation and Productivity Are Not Always at Odds: Evidence from Industrial Firms in China (with Yangsiyu Lu)

To Starve or to Stoke? Understanding Whether Divestment vs. Investment Can Steer (Green) Innovation [chapter for NBER’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 2]

Does Smart Technology Deliver? Evidence from the U.S. Electricity Sector (with Robyn Meeks and Zhenxuan Wang) [slides] [new draft coming soon]

Disentangling Inattention to Prices from Uncertainty in a Digital World (with Eoghan McKenna) [new draft coming soon]

Select Earlier-Stage Research

Innovation for Social Progress: When Imperfect Appropriability Meets “Incorrect” Prices

How DOEs Government Funding Fuel Scientists? (with Eugenie Dugoua, Todd Gerarden, and Kyle Myers) [extended abstract can be found here]

Unintended Consequences of Environmental and Innovation Policy Interactions (with Sugandha Srivastav)

Understanding How Managers Can Foster Innovation for Social Progress by Unpacking ESG Indicators

Permanent Working Paper

“Steering the Climate System: An Extended Comment” (with L. Mattauch, R. Millar, F. van der Ploeg, A. Rezai, A. Schultes, F. Venmans, N. Bauer, S. Dietz, O. Edenhofer, N. Farrell, C. Hepburn, G. Luderer, F. Spuler, N. Stern, and A. Teytelboym).       Shorter version published but with only a subset of authors at the request of editor:  Mattauch, L., Damon Matthews, H., Millar, R., Rezai, R., Solomon, S., and Venmans, F., 2020. “Steering the Climate System: Using Inertia to Lower the Cost of Policy: Comment,”   American Economic Review 110(4), p. 1231-37.