Quartz Associates was founded in 2017 by the authors of the Harvard Business Review book “Reorg – How to Get it Right” to help companies and institutions deliver more value and less disruption in their reorganizations and growth. Using data-driven analyses to inform our strategy, we train companies and leaders to deliver reorgs better, helping clients do the work themselves rather than doing it for them, as the latter costs a lot and creates an illusion of progress that doesn’t actually work.

Quartz Associates offers the following:

  • Measurement – we have analysed a database of 1,700 reorgs across all industries, sizes, and regions that reveals what works and what doesn’t. We use this insight combined with analysis that is catered to each company’s unique situation to help companies set goals, perform actions that deliver value and staff engagement, and measure success.
  • Training – helping leaders and HR deliver the reorg by coaching on the difficult choices
  • Process – managing the process and people components of a reorg, which is just as important if not more than identifying its structure

While we work with clients across all sectors, we have a particular expertise in the energy industry. Enabling smooth reorgs that create value while reducing disruption and misery will be fundamental in the transition towards a net-zero-carbon economy as “old energy” companies become “new energy” companies, utilities undergo enormous business model transformation, and energy markets are redesigned.