Select Publications

“Encouraging Innovation that Protects Environmental Systems: Five Policy Proposals,” (with Cameron Hepburn and David Popp). Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 2018.

“How to Make Your Post-Merger Reorg a Success” (with Stephen Heidari-Robinson and Suzanne Heywood). Harvard Business Review [online article]. 2018.

“Bribes, Bureaucracies, and Blackouts: Towards Understanding How Firm-Level Corrupt Behavior Impacts Electricity Reliability,” (with Harrison Fell). Resource and Energy Economics, 2017.
Coverage: Selected for “Research Highlights” in Nature Energy

Pre-Doctoral and Interdisciplinary Publications

“Solar photovoltaic self-consumption in the UK residential sector: new estimates from a smart grid demonstration project” (with Eoghan McKenna and Sarah Darby). Energy Policy 118. 2018.

“Quantifying the value of investing in distributed natural gas and renewable electricity systems as complements: Applications of discounted cash flow and real options analysis with stochastic inputs”, (with D. Arent, J. Cochran, J. Logan, O. Zinaman). Energy Policy 97. 2016.

“Diffusion into new markets: Evolving customer segments in the solar photovoltaics market,” (with B. Sigrin and E. Drury). Environmental Research Letters. 2015.

“Implications of high renewable electricity penetration in the U.S. for water use, greenhouse gas emissions, land-use, and materials supply,” (with D. Arent, T. Mai, R. Wiser, M. Hand, S. Baldwin, G. Heath, J. Macknick, M. Bazilian, A. Schlosser, P. Denholm). Applied Energy. 2014.

“Shale Gas in China: Prospects, Concerns, and Potential International Collaboration,” (with M. Bazilian. A. Pedersen, J. Logan, K. Medlock III, F. O’Sullivan, J. Nakano). Intl. Shale Gas & Oil Journal. 2013.